Selling your home at fair market value for cash is how the real estate market has evolved and how The Investor Hub and other companies, such as Opendoor operate. It’s an easy, no-hassle solution to the traditional and often tedious method of selling your home; no repairs and no hidden fees. Selling your home through this innovative way can help you get the most for your home with just a fraction of the time and energy! Still, here are the reasons why you should choose The Investor Hub over others.

  1. The Investor Hub does not charge any fees or closing costs, period! Our competitors are consistently charging homeowners 10 to 20% in fees, commissions, & repair credits.

  2. The price The Investor Hub offers is what you will get! Initially, The Investor Hub will offer you a ballpark figure over the phone. If that number sounds good, we send someone out to give you a concrete figure. If that sounds good, you choose your closing date and the terms and the contract is drawn up! The Investor Hub follows through on the amount we offered for your home. Simple as that.

  3. The Investor Hub has real team-members in the Las Vegas, Denver, and Phoenix communities. No calling an 800 number and speaking to an out-of-state representative who doesn’t know you or the deal that you made with them. We get to know you on a personal level and do the best we can to assist you through your transition.

  4. The Investor Hub will buy your house as-is. There is no need for repairs or investments. Need we say more?

  5. Last and not least, The Investor Hub can close in as little as 10 business days but it’s really up to you! Let’s say you wanted your cash fast but needed more time to move, The Investor Hub has your back! The Investor Hub will allow you the flexibility of a quick closing date so that you can get your cash and the ability to stay in your home for more time. Now, isn’t that something?

Isn’t it about time that you got the most for your home! Call us today for a hassle-free cash offer at 844.684.3482.

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