It takes one to know one! In order to have good neighbors you have to be a good neighbors! We see neighborly dynamics on sitcoms and amongst our friends but what are the qualities of a good neighbor. In case you struggle with ideas on how to be a good neighbor or how to improve your neighborly abilities the investor hub is here to help.

1.) Good neighbors do NOT gossip– Gossip is not communication and it is not a way to build lasting relationships. Do not get wrapped up in Mr.Nelson’s rumor mill about what he saw at the Johnson’s house over the weekend. If you find yourself in the gossip circle try and refocus the conversation to something more productive and general like “What are your plans for the summer this year?” you can be sure that if you engage in gossip you will also be the topic of gossip at some point!

2.) Good neighbors HELP- If you see a neighbor struggling lend a helping hand! Do not wait to be asked. Rather than say “If you ever need anything let me know” say “Hey, would you like some help with __________”. Try and move beyond meaningless conversation and toward genuine human interactions!

3.) Good neighbors COMMUNICATE – If you have an issue with the level of noise, communicate. If their trash has become unsightly, if your fence is falling over, even if it’s really their fence, communicate. Address your neighborly issues so you do not build resentment. Also communicate your neighborly positives- compliment the flower beds, let each other know when you will be out of town.  Communication fosters good relationships! Be the one to start it and follow through and you won’t go wrong!

** Muffins are also always a nice touch!

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