When summer begins we have so many plans! Organizing photos, sanding and staining that old dresser, and planning a family vacation or two! Then somewhere toward the middle or near end of summer we ask ourselves  “Why do I feel like disorganized, HOT, mess and nothing I have planned has come to pass?! Have no fear, you are not alone, and it’s never too late to get ahead of the summer slump, and stay organized to make this summer one for the books. Here are the top things to address to keep your summer in balance.

Summer Declutter-

Spring cleaning is an activity we always think about after a winter full of holidays and proverbial hibernation. But summer decluttering is just as important if you want to stay organized and prepare for a productive stress free summer.  Round up all the summer clutter in a box or spare souvenir bag, get the floaties, portable picnic tables, old soccer balls and jump ropes! Evaluate it, rate it in terms of importance and get rid of it.

Establish Sleep Patterns-

We all know that sleep is important, what we don’t always  realize is while our body is resting,  our brains are busy, repairing from a full day of thinking and functioning and reorganizing our priorities. Because of this, its important to make sure we dont let our summer schedules of late mornings and even later nights get the best of us. Sleep is an essential key to stay organized and productive. Grab a midday nap if you can swing it and keep yourself as near to a “school” schedule, in terms of sleep as you can. A rested brain is a productive one!

Schedule Projects-

With all the hustle and bustle of the school year and the holidays, when the days become longer and warmer we get a warped sense of “free time”. It is important that we are evaluating our downtime and allocating it appropriately.  Reduce the pressure on yourself and don’t plan on too many things! Pick a handful of projects and make them your focus- break down the project day by day, this way you don’t spend all these nice long days stuck in a project – and you aren’t spending time avoiding the projects!

Summer is arguably one of the best times of year, don’t let it be another crazy season of procrastination and catching up!



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