Maybe your home doesn’t have the most light for healthy plant nourishment or maybe you are one among many, myself included that needs all the help you can get when it comes to keeping a plant alive. A plant can really bring a house to life, literally. So, what are the best plans to have in a house with low light and no green thumbs.

  1. The Mistletoe Cactus– Despite the name, these plants are not just for the holidays! Cactus and mistletoe are not typically an ideal marriage. These plants grow in the most shady areas of the rainforest, which means they do very well in low light. You may think well if it’s in the rainforest than it requires loads of watering, and keeping a plant alive is hard enough as it is already, but much like the cactus they have quite the drought tolerance, but do best with potting mix that doesn’t get dry for too long!
  2. The Snake Plant– What’s in a name?! The snake plants name isn’t exactly endearing, and goes by many other names, including “mother in-laws tongue” which is equally unappealing, but these plants are anything but! With its cylindrical, sage-green leaves that spread out like a flat fan! The best part about this low light dwelling plant, the worst thing you can do is over water it! so let the soil dry out between each watering!
  3. Cast Iron Plant- The name itself should tell you this plant can endure its fair share! This plant has been around a long time, ever since the Victorian age, Cast Iron plants can survive immense neglect! However, if you want to see its luxurious emerald green foliage and its patterns of cream bands and specks, keep the soil a little moist.

Plants can really change the look of your house, dead or alive! That being said, alive is better!  If you do not have green thumb or a naturally well lit home, THIS is the article for you!! Happy planting!!

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