There are many factors that can play into the decision of selling your home! Often times personal milestones, like a promotion, a new job, or adding a new bundle of joy can all be factors that lead you to thinking about selling your home. While those big milestones should play into your decision, there are some other things you may want to consider.

1.) Are repairs necessary?!

Taking on big renovations to improve the value of your home is tempting, unfortunately, it is rare that these large projects recover their costs in full after you sell your home! Whether you make repairs or not you will need to price your home base on the costs of needed repairs or to reflect the repairs you’ve already made.  It can be a lot to think about! Thankfully, when selling to the Investor Hub you don’t need to worry about repairs, you can sell to us as-is without the headache of making concessions to buyers or not getting your full money back from a large renovation.

2.) How much is your home worth?

Home value is largely determined by location, condition and size. Consider the neighborhood your home is in, what are the homes in your area of similar size and condition selling for? If you compare the sale price of comparable homes you can get a better idea of what your home may be worth.  At The Investor Hub we can provide you with an obligation free offer, our team of specialists will save you all the work!

3.) How long will it take!?

One factor that determines how long it can take to sell your home is Days on the Market. Days on Market helps determine the amount of time there is active listing in your area until the contract was ultimately signed. You also have to consider your own timeline and if that falls into the same track as the days on market statistic. However, when selling with The Investor Hub you can determine your own timeline, with whatever works best for you, and we will make it happen, with closing in as little as 10 days!

There are many factors that play into knowing when is the right time to sell your home and what needs to be done before doing so. With The Investor Hub we take all the stress out of selling your home, making it easy and convenient, so you can focus on your future, and we will take care of the rest!


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