If you’re anything like the rest of us, then you have been hooked on home renovation shows since the days of Trading Spaces. Many of us have become captivated by the process of making the nonfunctional and old look revitalized and new. Across the spectrum of entire home flips to simple single-room makeovers, we all have thought, “I could tackle my own home improvement projects, after all they’re ‘simple’ right?” While we would all love to believe that our homes can go from drab to fab in under 60 minutes, this is simply not reality! As Teresa Mears writes in her article, Fan of Home Renovations Shows? The Fantasy vs. Reality, “Life is not quite as precisely scripted.” Life is also not so perfect. Here are 4 home renovations that seem simple but are easily misjudged.

  1. Painting – It is not as easy as simply selecting a color, grabbing a brush and being on your way. This could not be further from reality. There are many steps that go into painting a room, let alone an entire home. From selecting your Finish, to primer, to trims and baseboards, painting is not a simple one and done event.
  1. The Gutting Process – Remember, not all walls were made to be torn down! Although society has taught us that an “open floor concept,” is exactly what we need, it might not be what your house can offer. From ensuring all electricity and utilities are off, to knowing if the wall is load bearing or not, tearing down walls is not as simple as Flip or Flop makes it appear.
  1. Kitchen Cabinets – Whether you are replacing or resurfacing
    your kitchen cabinets, knowing your kitchen is key. As stated in Katie Granju’s
    article Kitchen Cabinets: Should You Replace or Resurface, you must “know when to start from scratch.”
  1. Landscaping – Thanks to the famous show Curb Appeal, we all now know what that term really means, but do we how what it takes to achieve it? The plant selection, the layout/ design process, the irrigation system and so on, are all part of the landscaping process and you must have them all to get to “curb appeal.” When Should You Hire a Landscaping Professional is a great read for anyone thinking of taking on a landscaping renovation.
  1. Resurfacing Flooring – When you start to think of resurfacing your floors it’s probably also time to consider hiring a pro. First, you must know what kind of floors you have and if they can even be resurfaced. Then comes the sanding, oiling/ finishing, clean up and more. You must have patience and know exactly what you are doing for this DIY project to come out right. I recommend reading Should You Refinish Hardwood Floors Yourself before you begin such a an involved renovation.

Knowing some of these realities, I recommend doing your homework before deciding to take on any home renovations yourself. Have a plan and cover your bases so you are prepared for life’s little realities as they arise.As for the homeowners, ready to leave the renovations on their TV screens, we at The Investor Hub are here to help! CLICK HERE for details on an AS-IS, CASH OFFER on your home TODAY!

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