So you’ve decided to sell?! if you ask us the decision to sell and how to sell is the most difficult part of the process that lies ahead, when selling with The Investor Hub. Deciding to sell is the first part of our short and easy process!

After you have made the decision, give us a call at 1(844) 684-3482 and gives us some information about your house! How many square feet is your house? How many bedrooms and bathrooms are there? After collecting some general information about your home we will run some comps, using the sale of homes, in your neighborhood, that are of similar size and condition as your own to get a fair offer together. Together we will have set a time that works best for you to have us come out and view your home.

Once we have viewed your home, we can give you a fair, cash offer. This agreed upon cash offer, is an as-is offer, meaning you must do absolutely nothing to your home to prepare it for sale. Because we don’t have commissions or fees the price we offer you is the price you will receive on your closing date!

The next step in the process after agreeing on a sale price is opening escrow with one of our partnered title companies. We work on your timeline and as such, so does escrow! We can open escrow and have you at your closing day in as little as 10 days! Once you reach your closing dates, we sign title documents, the ownership and money are transferred to the respective persons and you walk away, cash in hand and onto to the next chapter of your life!

We understand that there is a lot of factors that go into deciding to sell your home and we know the hesitation you can feel when looking at the process of a traditional sale. At The Investor Hub, we promise you an experience like no other!

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