The Investor Hub Team

We want to change the way you think about real estate.
Our team prides itself on making the process as easy and straightforward as possible.

Stephen Baxter

As Co-Founder and CEO of The Investor Hub, Stephen brings a deep passion for real estate and business to the team. Stephen’s focus on strategic planning and new market development provides vision and direction for the future goals and expansion of the company. He is known by his peers for his knowledge and insight into real estate trends and shifting markets, helping home owners and investors get the highest return on their homes.

Astra Abate
Office Coordinator, Denver

Having lived in Denver most of her life, Astra was a welcomed addition to The Investor Hub Team. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in communications.  Her educational background and social media foresight allows Astra to capture the essence of The Investor Hub, bringing a personable and relatable energy to the company.

Joseph Martinez
Acquisition Manager, Las Vegas

Joseph deals directly with the needs of homeowners who look to sell their property to The Investor Hub, in a simple, hassle-free way. Joseph brings five years of business development and marketing expertise to our company to “Re-educate the real estate market on a better way to sell your house.” Through his ‘Best-in-Class’ work ethic, Joseph wins customer service awards year-after-year, through a strong dedication to his clients. Joseph lives in Las Vegas, NV with his family.

Denise Schafler
Investment Strategist, Phoenix
Denise Schlafer comes to The Investor Hub with 25 years as a real estate appraiser. Her skill and commitment to the market has led her to successful careers in asset mitigation, complex contract negotiation and lead supervising appraiser. Denise’s knowledge of the real estate community is indispensable. With her Mid-West upbringing, Denise brings a humble approach to an industry that can, oft times, be imposing. Denise has earned her MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Leticia Thomas
Direct Mail Marketer, Phoenix
Leticia helps manage the direct marketing campaigns of the Investor Hub. Leticia’s passion is working to help people survive and succeed in life. From her training in emergency medicine, she brings a sense of community that is felt within the pages of our direct mailers.

Megan Barry

Megan actively participates in the day-to-day oversight and management of The Investor Hub team and oversees every acquisition taken on by the company. Pairing her degree from ASU in Housing & Urban Development with her unique real estate background has given her an uncanny ability to value properties for wholesale and resale.

Emily Brown
Office Coordinator, Las Vegas

Originally from Indiana, Emily has spent the past few years working in Property Management, cultivating a love for real estate. As an Office Coordinator, Emily provides The Investor Hub with her exceptional organizational and communication skills to manage the Las Vegas office.

Dan Fackrell
Acquisition Manager, Phoenix

Dan brings Midwest values to The Investor Hub team. He knows what a challenge it is to go through major changes, and loves being part of a caring team that puts homeowners’ first. He enjoys interacting and connecting with homeowners, and hearing their unique stories.

Ryan Whimpey
Acquisition Manager, Denver
Ryan is as ambitious as he is positive. He brings a refreshing optimism to The Investor Hub with his extensive background in investment properties. This allows him to give clients a unique perspective on potential properties.

Shelby Swanson
Direct Mail Marketer, Phoenix
Shelby works in the Marketing Department of The Investor Hub, managing our direct mail operation. Shelby’s work history has been in customer service and education. Her passion for facing challenges has moved our marketing forward by leaps and bounds.