Fall has arrived!! The leaves are changing, the air has a chill, and everything is spiced with pumpkin. You’re ready for fall, but is your home?! The Investor Hub teams wanted to share some ideas to prepare the inside and outside of your home, for fall.

Humidifier – Depending on where you live, fall and winter can bring a dry air with it. In Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix that is certainly the case! How can you combat that dryness in your homes? Keep those humidifiers clean and running. The dry crisp air can cause fine woods to crack, you will find that both you and your home will stay more comfortable through the fall and winter months with a little humidity in the air.

Check the furnace- While tackling things inside the house, having the furnace inspected is another big step for fall preparedness. Hire a professional or if you are comfortable doing it yourself, test for leaks and replace the filter. When doing this it is also a good idea to have a carbon monoxide check done to confirm the air safety.

Gutters- As the leaves change colors, they also begin to fall. Clean out your gutters to ensure your roof’s drainage system is functioning with maximum efficiency. If the gutters are clogged they can cause damage to exterior surfaces and in some cases can lead to unwanted water in your basement (if you have one).

Roof-  Since you already up there checking the gutters, or have someone up there checking the gutters, you should check the roof as well. Check for cracked or damaged shingles, shingles that are missing, or curled. The last thing anyone wants during the winter is a leak inside their home.

This is just a short list of fall preparedness, but once you’ve checked them off your list, feel free to put on your most cozy sweater with a warm cup of whatever your heart desires and take comfort that your home is as ready for fall as you are.


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