Real Estate is forever changing, one of the most recent and increasingly popular changes, are homes with dual master suites. You might be asking yourself “Why have dual master suites? That seems unnecessary”. Well, there are a few benefits to this addition, including but not limited to, functionality, practicality and most importantly potentiality.

Dual master suites are functional for many reasons! When having long term guests it can be very accommodating and comfortable, letting you and your guests have privacy, without interrupting the natural flow of the home.  It is not often that we get to take off all the days that our out of town guests are visiting for, sometimes bathroom schedules can be tight and limited, allowing your guests their own space through the hustle and bustle of the morning routine is not only thoughtful but functional.

Once you buy your forever home, the one we all hope to own one day, think long term. Think longevity, If you live in a home with more than one story, having a master suite on the first floor as well as the second floor allows you to “grow with your home”. Lots of people choose to move out of their two-story homes that they have lived in for a long time, because it becomes difficult just to make their way up the stairs for their nightlight routine.

Lastly, a home is an investment & one of our most valuable possessions. Dual master suites have the potential to add value to your home, while the addition is expensive, it could have quite the return. Not only does the dual master add to the square footage of your home, it also provides highly sought after storage space. A dual master can also have the potential to produce rental revenue.  If you are wanting to rent a room in your house, having a bedroom with a bathroom attached can be appealing to a potential renter!

There are plenty of reasons that master suites have become trendy and practical, if you are looking for a reason to add a little space to your home, look no further!

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