So you have invested in a home with a lot of work still needs to be done! When you are fixing and flipping a home you want to add maximum value to your remodel, you don’t want to invest in a project that will give you little return. The Investor Hub is here to help advise you on the go to spaces to remodel while adding value and practicality to your investment property!

Kitchens, Kitchens, Kitchens – We cannot say it enough, and while it seem obvious, a kitchen renovation guarantees a profitable return.  When doing a kitchen rehab be sure to choose fixtures, counters and finishes that are not only appealing to the eye and cost effective but will also add value. For Example, counter tops do not necessarily have to be granite, it could be other stones like marble,  or limestone, sometimes even concrete! These types of counter tops have a wide range of colors and offer a more upscale look. The same applies for cabinets, and sink choices, think within your budget and what could be attractive for a potential buyer.

Give Me Liberty – You have found the ideal home for renovation, try knocking down a non-load bearing wall, open up the space, so the space flows. This can be relatively inexpensive while completely transforming your the property’s interior.

Love at first sight – Do not underestimate the power of curb appeal.  The outside the home could draw in a buyer almost immediately. Things that are a relatively low cost, such as painting the outside of the property, a door that adds a pop of color can make a world of difference.. However, things that buyers will take a special interest in are things like new windows, that will add distinct value and can also really update the outside and the inside of your home.


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