When it comes to selling your home, there are many unrealized factors that come into play. Did you know that roughly 1/3 of real estate deals will not make it to closing? It has become increasingly more difficult for buyers in today’s market to secure financing for their home loans. With this issue on the rise, this can result in a lack of buyers or longer timelines for the sales of homes. From contingencies to appraisals, open houses to closing costs, many sellers are finding themselves in a state of catch twenty-two. Luckily, there is another option… the CASH OFFER!

There are multiple benefits to a cash sell, the first being the old saying, “Cash is King!” Curious just how beneficial selling your home for cash can be?

  1. NO FINANCING CONTINGENCIES –This alone can be one of the highest advantages to any home sale. A cash sale is a great way to almost guarantee you will close! Plus, to eliminate any suspicion, you are also able to request proof of funds through the title company on all cash offers.


  1. AS-IS SALE – One of the most stressful components of selling your home is the cleaning and repair process. Typically, with a cash offer, this entire step is eliminated from the deal. No appraisal, no repairs and no deep cleaning required, making the sale of your home convenient and less time consuming.


  1. CLOSING WITH IN DAYS – A recent article published on Realtor.com discussed a study which “found that closing times are getting longer – on average it now takes 50 days for a sale to close.” With a cash sale, you can cut this time down substantially. With no formal inspection required, and no repair cost, a cash offer is one of the easiest ways to ensure closing within the timeframe you want!


Here at The Investor Hub, it is our goal to change the way you think about selling your home. We offer an easy cash option for selling your home, as-is, on your timeline with zero closing costs, fees or commissions. We are committed to making the sale of your home a simple process, so that you can transition to the next phase of your life with comfort and ease. Ready to see how simple the process can be? Get your cash offer today!


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