There is a lot to think about when it comes to selling your home especially because moving is such a heavy burden. Eventually, you will be preoccupied with organizing, packing, donating, cleaning, on top of switching the kids schools, transferring utilities, etc. There’s a lot when it comes to your big move! That’s why choosing how you are going to sell your home is really crucial to the success of your overall move.

Real estate has evolved. There’s no longer a need to add repairs, staging, showings, appraisers, offers, and waiting. Selling your home the traditional way, makes for a lot of waiting. We at The Investor Hub understand that time is money.

When you opt for the traditional way to sell your home, everything will be a negotiation and the price you sell your home for will not be the amount you end up with in pocket. You must be prepared to shell out money to pay for formal inspections and doing repairs at the request of your potential buyer. That’s not to mention the realtor fees you will also be subtracting from the profits from the sale of your home. Of course, all of that is contingent on the buyer’s loan, and the possibility that the loan could very well be denied. After all the repairs and fee calculations, you are the mercy of a closing date you didn’t choose. If you have lots of time and lots of money then maybe the traditional route will work for you.

If you can use all the extra time and money you can get, The Investor Hub offers you fair market value for your home, as-is, paid cash in as little as 10 days! No hidden fees, no commissions, no need for any repairs. The Investor Hub wants to take the difficulty out of selling your home by purchasing it as-is and closing on a timeline that works for you and your family. No more worrying about whether your buyers will qualify for their home loan, or if the repairs will affect your profits. Moving can be a circus but selling your home doesn’t have to be! Give us a call at (844) 684-3482 for a hassle free cash offer, today!

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