One of the most financially complex and potentially life changing decisions you will one day make is to sell your home. The good news is, that there may be an easier way to sell your home i.e. no repairs, showings, home inspections, and outrageous fees or costs.You may have heard of the iBuyer, the new, simpler way to sell your home. In case you haven’t heard, here’s the lowdown on the iBuyer and how The Investor Hub compares.

An iBuyer, such as Zillow or Opendoor, is a company that uses an automated valuation model to instantaneously make a cash offer for your home. Some of the pros and cons of an automated valuation model is that it grabs comps via coding which eliminates biases and human error. It also draws from a larger pool of comps. However, there is a 3-6 months lag in the data it pulls from and it does not include the condition of the property. Most of these companies may make a higher offer, then aggressively discount this offer as they inspect the house and complete their due diligence. These companies also pad their automated valuations by including fees and commissions, so they are making money before even completing the purchase.

Still the iBuyer business model serves a significant purpose and that is to serve any seller who doesn’t want the hassle of traditional real estate! The ibuyer/investor concept allows the homeowner to get their money faster, while eliminating showings, appraisals, financing problems, etc.

The Investor Hub differs in many ways from the iBuyer and we have been working in this space well before these iBuyers were created. The first difference is that you will work with real people and we do not use an automated valuation model. Instead, we use the most current comps, and consider the condition of your home, in order to offer you the highest value for it without needing to discount later. Because we are real people with a local presence, you will have your own liason who can tailor the terms of your sale to your needs. You can choose your closing date, decide when you move out and really negotiate a price everyone feels comfortable with. Most importantly, we do not charge fees. What we offer is what you walk away with, period!

With the Investor Hub you will not need to make any repairs, no staging, show showings, no closing costs, no commissions, no fees. It’s really that simple! Call today for your hassle-free cash offer (844) 684-3482.

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