So you have decided to sell your home to an iBuyer… Hopefully, you decided on The Investor Hub. If you gave us a call, we probably spent a few quick minutes discussing your home: square footage, flooring, roof, build date, upgrades, repairs needed, etc. and we would have given you a ballpark figure over the phone. There is just one last step, The Investor Hub will need to quickly see your home in order to make you a firm cash offer. The Investor Hub offers cash for your home at fair market value. So how is that number determined, you ask.

Comps give us a good indication of your home’s value by comparing your home to other homes in your neighborhood, that have also recently sold. If a neighbor close-by recently sold their home for $235k and their home is comparable to yours, we may use that value as a marker. This method is used by most real estate agents/agencies and The Investor Hub but it is not the only factor involved. After all, not everything is apples to apples meaning that while your neighbor may have the same square footage and be a single story family home with a pool and a two car garage (just like you do), although it’s basic construct is similar there are other things to consider.

Upgrades and Needed Repairs can increase and decrease the value of your home. Some common upgrades that help increase The Investor Hub’s offer have been granite kitchen counter tops or new tile flooring. With that being said, The Investor Hub offers cash for your home as-is, no repairs or upgrades needed. However, if you have made some upgrades to your home The Investor Hub might be able to offer you some extra cash.

It’s pretty much that simple! We look at the comps and condition of your home to make you an offer at fair market value. With The Investor Hub, you can close escrow and receive the cash in as little as 3 days (or longer, it’s up to you).

Looking for a new start this 2020? Call us at 844-684-3482 to receive a cash offer for your home!

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