Winter is cold and sometimes gloomy, but it is also a time filled with holiday cheer and it is the most wonderful time of the year, to sell your home. Selling your home in the winter seems to have some negative stigmas attached to it, but at The Investor Hub, we beg differ, there are plenty of reasons that selling your home in the winter can be your best option!

Low Inventory

Here we put forth a concept that is as old as time, supply and demand. Since not many people sell their homes in the winter, there is less inventory! This is a positive, because when there is less inventory on the market there is also less competition, giving your listing the chance to really garner a lot of attention, which of course is the ideal selling situation.

No Window Shoppers

Sometimes when people are looking to buy, or to get a feel of the market, they tend to go to showings and open houses to get a feel for what they are looking for. Since, spring and fall are the most popular times of year to sell homes, that is usually when those same window shoppers will be out and about. Winter listings often garner serious inquiries only, most people like to browse when the weather is more comfortable, and so when there is less inventory, there is less competition, there is also less flippant shoppers.

The Less The Merrier 

With low inventory & more serious offers, loans can be processed more quickly. Lenders are more available, so when a buyer is ready to go under contract their financing is readily obtainable, making the closing faster for everyone involved, even you!!

Don’t let the cooler weather keep you from the house of your dreams and more importantly a selling experience that is as wonderful as the holidays that follow it.

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